"Boys are found everywhere—on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair
and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."
Author: Alan Beck

Monday, August 29, 2011

Houston, We Have An Egg!

Back in April, hubby and I loaded up the gang and headed to a farm/feed store in Eastern CO.  The rustic wooden floors were lined with brooders.  Each one holding day old chicks in countless varieties.  The boys browsed and quickly found their match.  The small cardboard box that accompanied us on our journey home, chirped the entire way.

Raising chicks has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined.  This morning, however, the reward grew...

Jack's hen, Paulie, left this for us bright and early.

Five months of waiting was worth the wait.  Who wants eggs???

(PS-An update of the Diaper Fairy is on it's way....tomorrow)

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