"Boys are found everywhere—on top of, underneath, inside of, climbing on, swinging from, running around or jumping to. Mothers love them, little girls hate them, older sisters and brothers tolerate them, adults ignore them and Heaven protects them. A boy is Truth with dirt on its face, Beauty with a cut on its finger, Wisdom with bubble gum in its hair
and the Hope of the future with a frog in its pocket."
Author: Alan Beck

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Try to imagine....

It's no wonder I haven't blogged in forever.  Life for me is feeling quite messy right now.  Far from the neat and tidy that I love.  Just take a look at my kitchen floor.  It's strewn with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sippy cups, crumpled up rugs, and monster teeth

I am desperate to write, as it always makes me feel so much better.  However, inside my brain is a tornado of thoughts, topics, issues & desires, which I haven't been able to pick from.  Do I write about finding my son stuffed inside a mailbox earlier this week, or the mom at preschool who finds it necessary to wear stilettos every fricken day? 

So there you have it.  Once again, my brain cloud is clogged.  Since my children are playing the part, we're headed to the zoo for the day.  Seems we all need to get out.

I'm crossing my fingers that this teensy bit of writing will be the mental draino that I so desperately need.

Please don't give up on me.  I promise I'll be right back....


  1. Makes my day to see you throw down a blog! That photo pretty much nails it...crazy days. Have fun at the zoo Babydoll.

  2. The zoo sounds like so much fun! Have fun acting like animals! I hope it brings you some needed relief.